• Perfect Solution forSmall BusinessStart receiving your payments today

  • Ideal solution for largeStores & Supermarkets

  • Perfect Solution fore-CommerceStart receiving payment today


Merchant Mobile App

OpenPay Merchant Mobile app can be installed from every merchant to accept payments in store. Download merchant app today for Apple iOS or Android, it’s free.

Connect your point of sales

OpenPay offer the possibility to integrate your Point of Sale and start receiving Payments to your banking account. Money transfer from customer account to your banking account is performed in real time.


Integrate your Online Store today and start accepting payment easily. OpenPay offers the maximum security in Online Payments and you receive the money immediately after the transaction is completed.

How it works

Click here to view the OpenPay purchase demo video.
  • Merchant generates payment QR code in his Mobile, point of sale computer or eCommerce web page.
  • Customer opens his mobile banking application and scans the QR code
  • Customer confirms payment using pin code.
  • Merchant receives the payment confirmation in mobile phone, point of sale computer or e-Commerce backend.